Video from Space

Video from Space

Our CARBONITE series of platforms have an integrated avionics structure for fast manufacture in high volumes.  They offer: 

  • High resolution 1 metre GSD colour video from 500km orbit
  • Agile platform +/- 45 degree off pointing
  • Forward Motion Compensation imaging mode enabling capture of >120 seconds of a single target
  • Compatible with sun-sychronous and low inclination orbits
  • Custom telescope with COTS camera adapted for space use
  • Our avionics suite for user defined onboard processing and improved payload mass fraction
  • Automated LEOP and in orbit commissioning to minimise time from launch to operational capability
  • 5 year satellite design lifetime
  • Mass optimised to increase single launch capacity
  • Compatible with multiple low cost launchers

Fast revisits and system responsiveness enables applications including change detection and pattern of life assessments, increased accuracy 3-D modelling, object recognition and classification, movement identification and analysis and support to humanitarian or disaster operations.  

View videos from CARBONITE-2, launched January 2018


Case study  

Example Performance:

Constellation size

 48 satellites


 4 planes of 12 satellites


 550km, 30 degree inclination

Revisit performance @25°N

 Typical no.accesses per day (at equinox)

 80 - 90

 Average revisit time (during daylight)

 ~ 7.5mins





Benefits of a Video Constellation

  • Near persistent imaging
  • Robustness against target concealment
  • Rapid production of actionable information
  • Cueing of other assets
  • Robustness against weather conditions compared to a single satellite
  • Imaging at different times throughout the day to minimise predictability of observations

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