The shift in the market is primarily in response to the demand from the global population to consume data at any time and any place in the world from our mobile devices. Commercial operators are increasingly looking for ways to offer enhanced services to their customers, which requires greater flexibility and agility from their in-orbit assets, with satellite performance, price and delivery schedule key factors in their decision making.

To address this evolving market we offer a small a highly capable GEO satellite that is designed to accommodate multiple payload configurations from bent pipe architectures to state of the art software defined solutions. Developed to be compatible with multiple launchers and interfaces, the satellite can be scaled between 500kg and 1000kg delivering up to 2kW of power. 

Low Earth Orbit Communications

We have been pioneering the world of LEO communications for over 30 years, enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications since 1985. We focus on providing scaleable platforms in LEO to enable IoT, M2M and broadband applications.

We are also involved in the design and development of LEO communications payload technologies from simple bent-pipe transparent architectures to more complex software defined architectures.


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